I just returned from the Virgin Islands. St. John USVI to be exact. I witnessed the devastation created by the hurricanes, the homes that remained with only a few cinder blocks and the businesses that had to close. Yet, the islands  and people still offer a sense of tranquility . slower pace

I was able to see the perseverance, courage and love of the land that so many residents and visitors have.

The beauty of the mountainous terrain along with the amazing azure water allows one to – Just stop. Stop thinking, stop creating, stop forcing and start to just be. Go back to the breath my Yogic training tells me and by the waters with sand under my feet there is no need to remind myself, it just happens.  people from all walks of life congregate at Pickles

In order to socialize, drink, dance and share musical talents.  I danced the night away and spoke to more people in one evening than I do in a week back home. I am very sociable, but the climate of love abounds in the island. A sense of freedom and non-judgement is very present.

The very next day Pickles in Paradise offered a place for people to sell their items. Several booths were set up with used clothing, homemade items, sauces and jewelry. The truest sense of community was there helping one another was a primary focus.

A slower pace is the most valuable gift given by the island. A driver from the ferry shared a favorite quote” Full speed ahead, getting nowhere”. That is my life, I go full speed ahead with both my businesses but I am going nowhere. I am just paying my bills but my daily life is not nearly as grounded as those I met in The islands.

I shared a common interest with a gentleman I met on the beach. Donald, a massage therapist who had moved to the island last May. We had an immediate connection. He picked me up one evening and we drove to Caneel street, there we offered massage to the volunteers from Heart and Hands. I was able to locate a valuable piece of myself on the island. A self that is slower, loves to offer assistance and a smile. I am already trying to put together my next stay on the Island. if anyone has the chance to volunteer or vacation, go for it. Place St. John USVI on your bucket list and bring home a piece of your soul.

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