Obviously, there are a number of hotels that offer luxurious accommodation in the Virgin Islands of St John, St Croix, and St Thomas. Maybe it’s because of the islands distinct Caribbean culture, or perhaps it’s the strategic location of the hotels since they are situated adjacent to the beaches. The speculations aside, the US Virgin Islands hotels are very luxurious, and thus great for a vacation escape. To be particular, the following three hotels are the finest in the Virgin Islands.

  1. The Westin Hotel- St John

The Westin Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the St John USVI Virgin Islands. The hotel spreads over a 47-acre land, and it’s flanked by beautiful green hills. There are over 320 luxurious guestrooms and they are a walk-distance to the 1200ft-long beach. Other attractions at the hotel include a gigantic pool, on-site restaurant, tennis court, spa, and gym.


  1. Palm at Pelican Cove Hotel- St Croix

The Palm at Pelican Cove Hotel is located close to the Christiansted. The hotel is great for guests who are looking for an intimate experience. The design is very attractive and it’s complemented by a friendly service. There are a lot of entertainment supplies which include a swimming pool, tennis court, snorkeling, yoga classes, turtle-watch, and a bar.


  1. The Mofolie Hotel- St Thomas

The Mofolie Hotel is a historic getaway located on the St Thomas Island. Each room in the luxurious hotel is uniquely designed in compliance with the Caribbean culture. The hotel service is warm and the overall feeling is intimate. The hotel is adjacent to the beach, and thus great for relaxation.

The three US Virgin Islands hotels are great for anyone who wants to escape from the bustles of city life. Anytime you want to relax away from home, you should visit the US Virgin Islands.

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