St Thomas and St John Virgin Islands are the most mystical getaway spots in the district of United States Virgin Islands (USVI) by the Caribbean Sea and every person should pay a visit to these islands at least once in their lifetime. The islands are exotic areas built only for your recreational entertainment and pleasure. Each one has its own mysterious charm and attraction with all the world’s most top-rated resorts and activities available.

St John’s Cruise Ship Shore Excursions offer a mind-blowing opportunity to live your vacation to the fullest. Like most of St John’s Island is made up of a National Park, it is the ideal place to relax as there are several amazing things to do at this island. There are seven beaches with splendid resorts and fun activities to keep yourself occupied with. The beaches are calm, serene, beauteous with breezy, soothing waters. Its not wonder this area is referred to as: “The Sailing Capital of the World”.

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The Caribbean Cuisine is delectable and should not be missed. The island offers superb dining facilities for all vacationers. There are innumerable water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, etc., along with hiking on hills to visit historic, elegant sites which make exquisite picnic spots. One of the favorites of this island includes diving to explore the luxurious coral reefs and sunken ships in the water. The St John’s Cruise Ship also offers the most divine massages you could ask for. The locals love to entertain with fun-packed festivals for all tourists.

St Thomas’s Cruise Ship Shore Excursions are equally unique with plenty of invigorating activities. The cruise ships offer relaxing massages and swift, easy and exciting sailing. This island offers one of the most exotic sky-lift rides ever, which is 700-feet high to the top of Charlotte Amalie. This place has mouth-watering food items, which will leave you wanting more.

One of the fascinating attractions of St Thomas’s Island includes its nightlife, where the folk love to sing and dance the night away, providing an amusing and memorable experience. Along with historic walks, bird watching activities and a huge scenic golf course, this island also offers exciting sporting activities. These include water sports like diving and swimming, as well as land sports like tennis, sports fishing, and basketball tournaments. Each month has a few festivals or events planned specially to entertain the visitors, in order to make this trip as perfect as it can get. The ladies can indulge in some relaxing shopping experiences, to take home some gorgeous memorabilia.

And be sure to visit the Caribbean’s most unique attraction – a Floating Massage Spa aboard a luxury catamaran yacht – it’s the Virgin Islands Relaxation Destination. Learn more about Zunzun Spa Yacht here

Both the Virgin Islands offer thrilling adventures for all age groups, built only to provide an entertaining yet relaxing vacation. The splendor and magical beauty of the islands are mesmerizing and captivating in such a manner, that nobody would want the vacation to come to an end. The Cruise Ship shows you around the marvelous sandy beaches, the park vicinities and all other attractive spots, so you do not miss out on anything. It is a soul refreshing experience for anyone who visits looking for a true escape.


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